Monday, September 16, 2019

Modern Slavery in the Hausa-folk: Traces from the Hausa Home Videos

Abstract: The notions of slave and slavery still reverberate global history of mankind which might have apparently left Africans in disadvantaged positions. Besides, these might have allowed substantial repositions and/or redistributions of wealth of the people of African descent. These activities might also have resulted in human displacements across geographical locations obviously changing identities of the victims. The reasons above might tend to locate the notions of slave and slavery in the past but recent phenomena reflected in a variety of literature suggest and present a persistence of slavery shaped in multiple forms. This paper traces the phenomenon of slavery in selected Hausa Home Videos and identifies its status and nature in the Hausa-folk tradition. The videos perceive the notions of slave and slavery through a variety of elements such as proverbs and idioms. Equally important, the paper interrogates the notions of slave and slavery and shows how and probably wonders why the new meaning in Hausa Home Videos. The paper further situates some of the characters as slaves and how their experiences shape their slavery. Moreover, the paper goes further to consider some acts as modern slavery; these include human trafficking, political persuasion and domination amongst others. The paper concludes and suggests education in its most basic form as amour against oppression, domination, slavery and its attendant factors.
Keywords: Slave, Modern Slavery, Domination, Hausa-folk, Hausa Videos


Dr. Yakubu Aliyu Gobir

Citation: Gobir, Y.A. & Sani, A-U. (2019). Modern Slavery in the Hausa-folk: Traces from the Hausa Home Videos. In International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI), Volume VI, Issue IX, pp 14-19 ISSN 2321–2705. (Online) Available at: digital-library/volume-6-issue-9/14-19.pdf

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